Thinking of Older Driving Test

Thinking of an older driving test? source The Voice of the Maltese

Getting older is problematic enough without having to front an older driving test. It could be your turn as you reach the vulnerable age of eighty-five.                                                                                                                                          The NSW Transport Road & Maritime   Service will demand special attention when you reach 75 years with medical tests. They remind you that an older driver licencing system is designed to balance the safety of road users and the general community with continuing independence and mobility. You have been driving for about 60 years. At 85 years on the dot, you get a Hobson’s choice. Undertake a practical driving assessment at a testing centre or with a credited driving assessor switch to a modified licence.

Not all 85ers are senile or demented. Nowadays many are still very active and driving a car is as essential as fresh air. It is not the actual driving test that is a killer but the tension, the worry and the anticipation. Behind the wheel, you think you are the lord of the road, you know all the tricks of the trade, but this time you have a driving instructor sitting next to you observing all the moves. Speed zones, speeding, managing your lanes, T intersections, indeed applying all the road rules.

You have gotten used to a few bad habits. As they say, you do not teach old dogs new tricks. But road rules are there to be obeyed. They put you through a road course varying from various speed and roundabouts. It is 20 minutes in duration. During the drive, you will be directed where to drive. Your result will be based on your driving performance in a range of situations and your ability to demonstrate safe driving behaviours. It is stressful. It is the tension, the concentration and what a fail result will mean to your life.

It all end up at the office. You have failed or you have passed. With an unrestricted driving licence, you get a further two years. With a modified licence it will allow you to drive only in your local area where you are familiar with the traffic conditions.