Thinking of Travelling to Malta – Medical Costs


Maltese Nationals travelling to Malta with a valid Maltese Passport can avail themselves of any Public Health Service at No Cost, and this includes services provided by the Local Public Health Centers and the Public Hospitals in Malta and Gozo.  If Maltese citizens visit Private Health Clinics situated all around the Maltese Islands, then since they are private, they have to pay for such services but if one is covered by a Travel Insurance, they would be able to claim such expenses with their Insurer upon their return to Australia.

If travellers go to Malta with their Australian passport and they do not possess a valid Maltese Identity Card, then, the below Bilateral Health Agreement provisions apply:

Visiting Malta

The Reciprocal Health Care Agreement (RHCA) we have with Malta may cover some of your medical costs in Malta’s public health system. To be eligible it must be:

  • essential care that can’t wait till you get home
  • within 6 months after the day you arrive.

What’s covered:

The agreement covers care in a government hospital which includes:

  • operations
  • medicine
  • nursing care
  • accommodation
  • meals.

It also covers hospital out-patient care provided by:

  • specialists in government service
  • care at a health centre from a public doctor or nurse
  • ambulance travel to hospital in an emergency
  • necessary immediate dental care provided by government hospital.

The agreement doesn’t cover:

  • dental work that isn’t urgent, for example fillings
  • dental prostheses and appliances, your travel insurance may cover some of these and other extra costs.
  • doctor or medical services obtained from private practices, private hospitals and private clinics.