The Maltese Welfare (NSW) started in October 1977 as a result of a workshop on social services held at Kellyville, Sydney. The original name was the Maltese Welfare Group but on incorporation, on 9th  January 1995 the name was changed to Maltese Welfare (NSW) Inc.

Maltese Welfare (NSW) is made up of first and second-generation Maltese who work in welfare-related areas or who have the welfare of the Maltese community at heart. Maltese Welfare (NSW) acts as a resource backup to other service-providers, being either Maltese associations or Australian-based agencies, in providing information, advice and referrals with respect to the Maltese community.

The aims of the Maltese Welfare (NSW) include:

(a) Co-ordination and cohesiveness in welfare programs

(b) Programs for the Maltese community in NSW

(c) Research on welfare needs of the Maltese community

(d) Dissemination of information to the Maltese community in user-friendly and accessible form.

Maltese Welfare (NSW) holds regular seminars on various issues considered of relevance and urgency to the Maltese community in general. It plays an active role in highlighting various community needs and supporting the promotion of remedial measures.

Seminar / Information Sessions

Maltese Welfare (NSW) is synonymous with the organisation of seminars on diverse topics such as the Needs of Maltese Migrants; Maltese Women in our Community; An insight into the health needs; An Overview of Welfare; The Needs of Aged Maltese; The written and spoken Maltese media in Australia; Maltese Youth in the Eighties; 100 years of Silent Achievement in Australia; the Social Security Reciprocal Agreement between Malta and Australia; Dual Citizenship; a Pastoral Plan for the Community; the Australian Republic; Euthanasia; Grief & Loss; Dementia and many other topics. Theatrical live plays were introduced to highlight specific debates on issues concerning the community.