• Certificate of Appreciation presented to Mr Lawrence & Mrs Marlene Dimech in recognition of 47 years of service and contribution to the Maltese Welfare NSW.

    We value the leadership and achievements you have given to our Maltese community.

    The Maltese Welfare NSW Inc. presented this Certificate of Appreciation to Mr & Mrs Dimech during a Thank You lunch at Limestone Cafe Schofields NSW, on Saturday 6th of April 2024. Mr Dimech has officially retired from his duties to the Maltese community early this year. Mrs Dimech was presented with flowers and a photo album was also presented to Mr Lawrence Dimech OAM.

    Also present at this lunch were the President of the Maltese Welfare NSW Inc Mr Lawrence Gatt, Treasurer Mrs Nathalie Gatt, Secretary Mrs Frances Montesin, Vice President Sandra Grech, and Member Mrs Frances Innis.

    Thank you Mr and Mrs Dimech ????????????????

    Grazzi tal-kontribut tagħkom lejn il-komunità Maltija ġewwa NSW l-Awstralja ????????????????

    L/R Sandra Grech, Nathalie and Lawrence Gatt, Lawrence and Marlene Dimech, Frances Montesin, Frances Innis


  • What a great info talk this morning organised by the Maltese Welfare NSW Inc. Moving into Aged Care.

    Useful information for everyone, not just for the elderly Maltese but to anyone caring for elderly parents or family members, or anyone looking at moving into aged care in NSW.

    Mrs Marie Louise Muscat CFP, DipFP representative of Fiducian Financial Services Pty Ltd was the guest speaker, answering also questions from those present.

    The Maltese Welfare NSW Inc presented Mrs Marie Louise Muscat CFP, DipFP with a Certificate of Appreciation in recognition of her 22 years of service and contribution to the Maltese community in NSW.

    Mrs Muscat was assisted by Mr Manas Sarda, Client Manager, CSM for Marie Louise Muscat.

    This event was held at La Valette Social Centre Blacktown.

    For more information call Maltese Welfare NSW Inc on 0404 462 344

    Mrs Marie Louise Muscat, Fiducian Financial Services Pty Ltd – 02 9231 2133

    Speaker Marie Louise Muscat

    Attendees La Valette Social Centre -Blacktown

    Secretary Frances Montesin presenting flowers to Marie Louise Muscat

    President Lawrence Gatt presenting Certificate of Appreciation

    Left Marie Louise Muscat and MC Nathalie Gatt

    L/R Maltese Welfare member Frances Innis, Treasurer Nathalie Gatt, President Lawrence Gatt, Speaker Marie Louise Muscat Fiducian Financial Adviser, Sandra Grech Vice President, Marie Louise Previtera member


  • Maltese Welfare NSW will be holding an Information Talk on  Moving into Aged Care. The presenter is the Marie Louise Muscat, a financial advisor from Fiducian Financial Services.

    You are invited to attend this information session if you, or your elderly parents are thinking of making this move.

    Your questions will be answered, and you’ll be more informed about this big step in your life.

    Please see attached Flyer for Details.

    Lawrence Gatt

    President Maltese Welfare NSW


  • Maltese Welfare NSW

    It was an honour to be present at today’s Australia Day Celebrations by the Maltese Community Council of NSW at Holroyd Centre Merrylands honouring the work of our Maltese within the community. MP’s, Mayors and Counsellors were VIP Guests.

    Happy Australia Day ????????

    Maltese Welfare NSW Committee L/R Nathalie & Lawrence Gatt, Francis Montesin, Sandra Grech
    Key note speaker Lawrence Dimech OAM, MOM
    Past Maltese Heritage Order of Australia recipients
    Musical Interlude by Natasha Tatari


  • On Sunday the 21st of January 2024, the Maltese Welfare NSW Inc joined in the #Maltese Heritage Day organised by the Maltese Community Council of NSW. Present were other groups and Associations under the umbrella of the MCC of NSW, exhibitors showing their collection of Maltese arts and crafts, there was Bizzilla, Ganutel, Agricultural equipment, a display of dolls in traditional Maltese costumes. The Maltese Concert Band NSW Inc. and the MCC Choir, Charlie Muscat and Charlie Camilleri together with Victor Il-Bukkett kept us entertained throughout the day. It was a great day for the whole family with jumping castle, facepainting, hairbraiding for the kids and plenty of traditional Maltese food for everyone. There was also the popular Carshow with a huge number of cars on show.

    We, the Maltese Welfare NSW Inc., had a huge interest by the attendees regarding the welfare services available in NSW especially for the elderly.

    For more information on how to access these services, contact Lawrence Gatt on 0404462344.

    The event was held at the Ħamrun Maltese Club Marsden Park NSW



  • Maltese Welfare NSW Committee – Christmas Greetings to all our followers and their families. Best Wishes and a Happy New Year


  • World Health Organization (WHO) has declared loneliness to be a threat to global health, finding that its mortality effects are equivalent to smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

    This is why Australian Red Cross programs like TeleCROSS are essential. ☎️

    TeleCROSS involves friendly volunteers making check-in calls, 365 days a year, to isolated older people. An extension of TeleCROSS, our TeleCHAT and TeleYARN programs focus on providing longer support calls, helping people feel socially included.

    In 2022/23 alone, we’ve supported 5,364 people, with a total of 216,101 hours of support.

    Red Cross services Telecross and Telechat are social connection services over the phone. If you have 1 hour a week spare you could volunteer in one of these programs and help people feel more connected to their community and make some new friendships.

    Maltese Welfare NSW has Maltese speaking volunteers working with Australian Redcross in their TeleCHAT program. Contact them for Details https://brnw.ch/TeleCROSS_

    Lawrence Gatt

    President Maltese Welfare NSW



    Established 1977

    Address: PO Box 5332, Greystanes LPO, NSW 2145

    Phone: 9631 9295 

    Website: www.maltesewelfare.com.au   

    Email: secretarymaltesewelfarensw@gmail.com

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/www.maltesewelfare.com.au

    ABN: 69 703 479 940

    The Maltese Welfare NSW Committee and friends held its Christmas Lunch last Saturday 2nd December at the Wenty Leagues Club

    It is always a pleasure to meet in a social atmosphere, we are only a small committee that for 46 years has been of service to the Maltese community in NSW.

    Follow us on Facebook to keep you informed of matters that are beneficial to you and your family.

    L/R Frances Montesin, Marie Louise Muscat, Nathalie Gatt, Lawrence Gatt, Marlene Dimech, Lawrence Dimech, Sandra Grech and Stephen Micallef


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  • Maltese Welfare NSW Inc held its annual AGM on the 26th of October 2023.

    The following is the New Committee

    Missing from picture Lawrence and Marlene Dimech

    PRESIDENT:   Lawrence Gatt

    VICE PRESIDENT:  Sandra Grech 

    SECRETARY:   Frances Montesin

    TREASURER:    Nathalie Gatt

    PUBLIC OFFICER: Lawrence Dimech OAM, MOM



    Member : Marlene Dimech

    Member : Frances Innis

    Member : Marisa Previtera

    The Maltese Welfare (NSW) started in October 1977 as a result of a workshop on social services held at Kellyville, Sydney. The original name was the Maltese Welfare Group but on incorporation, on 9th January 1995 the name was changed to Maltese Welfare (NSW) Inc.

    Maltese Welfare (NSW) is made up of first and second-generation Maltese who work in welfare-related areas or who have the welfare of the Maltese community at heart. Maltese Welfare (NSW) acts as a resource backup to other service-providers, being either Maltese associations or Australian-based agencies, in providing information, advice and referrals with respect to the Maltese community.

    The aims of the Maltese Welfare (NSW) include:

    (a) Co-ordination and cohesiveness in welfare programs

    (b) Programs for the Maltese community in NSW

    (c) Research on welfare needs of the Maltese community

    (d) Dissemination of information to the Maltese community in user-friendly and accessible form.

    Maltese Welfare (NSW) holds regular information sessions on various issues considered of relevance and urgency to the Maltese community in general. It plays an active role in highlighting various community needs and supporting the promotion of remedial measures.

      Website:  www.maltesewelfare.com.au    Email: secretarymaltesewelfarensw@gmail.com

    https://www.facebook.com/groups/www.maltesewelfare.com.au     ABN 69 703 479 940