Fraud / Scams Prevention Talk

The Maltese Welfare NSW  would like to thank all those who  attended our information talk on Fraud / Scams Prevention at La Valette Social Centre on the 17th November. It was  very successful morning. Many attendees asked  important questions relating to current frauds and scams and were told  how to be vigilant of deceitful people.

It was pleasing to see so many of our Maltese Community gather in great numbers. Thanks to the OLQP Church group for organising  bus transport.

We would like to thank  Godfrey Sultana President of  La Valette Social Centre and his Committee for their co-operation in  holding this event.

I take this opportunity to also thank our Sponsor Fiducian Financial Services, whose  support is imperative to hold these events

Nathalie Gatt


Maltese Welfare NSW



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